Made for Each Other — Postscript

David Heinemeier Hansson got back to us today and provided more insight on his partiality towards RESTful programming. In essence, his thoughts are that REST is more in sync with how the web works, and therefore a better match for web development.

“Making it easy to do web applications with RESTful APIs is making it easy to do web applications that are native and true to the web. The RESTful principles all steam from best practices of how to get the most out of HTTP and the infrastructure available for the web. Thankfully, this approach also maps incredibly well to the programming notion of CRUD, which makes the development process easier and more naturally divided according to areas of concern.”

He admits that RESTful approaches may take some getting used to.

“It takes a little while to wrap your head around resources and REST, but once it clicks, the old ways of RPC seem like a very unfulfilling way to work.”

By implication, he’s saying what works better for the web works better for Rails.