Random Notes

Evidently social computing is becoming so last year. A couple pieces in today’s eWeek are providing indicators that virtualization at all levels, from desktop to storage and cloud computing, are drawing critical mass VC interest. Chris Preimesberger reports from an annual VC forum at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus, while Rene Boucher Ferguson writes of a startup’s idea about freeing those unused cycles across supercomputing grids that are becoming more ubiquitous. Think of it as the SETI@home screensaver on steroids. And we’ve also looked with interest on another startup’s elastic computing idea to take on demand computing beyond monthly subscription fees to something that more closely replicates paying by the drink.

It reflects the fact that, while we’re not necessarily in a Malthusian world yet (there was an interesting piece in the Journal this morning), we are in an age where rising resource costs, not to mention the green ethic, is changing perceptions fueled by explosion of the Internet that computing is essentially free.

And one last endnote before we put EclipseCon 2008 to rest. Mike Milinkovich provided an excellent response and clarified some of our questions about interoperability. As you’d expect, he also gave a spirited rebuttal on how Eclipse is not losing its focus — it’s a challenge that faces any organization as it grows its mission, and we credit them for keeping the issue on their radar.

And as for all those strange bedfellows that we spoke about, Daryl Taft raised an interesting point today about another consequence about diversity: what would life be at Eclipse beyond IBM?