Onwards to a Bigger Stage

For the few of you who’ve traveled the timeline, you’ll know that we’ve been blogging since well before the term entered the general vocabulary. Our very first post covered the passing of the torch from Bill Gates to Steve Ballmer at Microsoft. A couple posts later, we celebrated the fact that the Y2K bug did not bring the downfall of Western Civilization, and barely a year and a half after that, we briefly posed the question on whether 9/11 would change conceptions about disaster recovery (from the IT perspective, that was).

What a long strange trip it’s been. With this post, we are shifting to a bigger stage, courtesy of friend and colleague Andrew Brust, who’s kept me honest more than a few times over the years (and typically over some choice Belgian brews) about the reality of database outside the ivory tower of the analyst world. As of today, we’re now trying to achieve what we originally hoped to do in those early days of the century: scrounge up some excuse of original thought on a weekly basis. We are joining distinguished company, as ZDNet in its wisdom is expanding the Big on Data blog; along with Andrew, we’ll teaming with George Anadiotis. With Big Data analytics beginning to penetrate the Early Majority, ZDNet’s plan to boost coverage is a visionary move, and we’re gratified to be part of the conversation.

As of this week, we’ll use this space to post links to our ZDNet posts, which should come a lot more frequently than you’ve seen from us for a while. And so, here’s the link to our debut post, on what MongoDB should be when it grows up. Thanks for taking the trip with us, we’re looking forward to having you in our new, scaled-up quarters.