Like most professionals, you are probably overwhelmed with information pouring into your email box or through your corporate or industry portal. While the Internet has certainly made data more ubiquitous than ever, it has built a huge haystack through which it is difficult to find useful information.

We recognize that your time is precious. You need to know whether an arcane development in technology or the technology business should shape your product development or purchasing decisions. You don’t care about industry horse races, and, unless you’re in the middle of a specific technology or application project, you don’t need to be bombarded with benchmarks.

onStrategies Perspectives provides a different take on the news. We offer short, concise analyses of strategic technology trends that helps you answer the question, “Why is this important to me?” and “What does this mean to my business?” And, following our low impact strategy, we publish only on an event-driven basis. We are not trying to fill space in an arbitrary daily or weekly publishing schedule. We won’t waste your time.

onStrategies Perspectives is available free of charge to qualified professionals who make technology investment decisions or are part of the technology vendor/service provider community.

Disclaimer: onStrategies Perspectives does not officially represent the views of Ovum.

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